how to increase page rank on google


How to increase website ranking on google. Search engines like google and bing have it’s own role in every webmaster and websites journey. Search engine optimisation (seo). 

how to improve seo

seo search engine optimisation

Now a days it’s very hard to get rank in Google. So lot of webmasters are failed in there online career. Because they don’t know how to increase page rank this is the common error among online guys. But how to increase seo rank.

why it’s hard to rank in Google first page

Ranking on first page of goggle is very hard. Because there are lot of popular websites and companies in each branch of online websites communities. And they are using very competitive and very popular keywords to rank in Google. So new websites will struggle to rank with that keywords.

Online ranking factors

What are the ranking factors in seo. Google search engine  main ranking factors are very famous. Good content is the king of the seo.

Factors affecting seo

  • Content
  • Backlinks
  • Keywords
  • website loading speed
  • ping service
  • Off page seo
  • Internal links

Why seo is important

Without seo you can’t rank in any search engines. How to do seo ? This is a viral questions. especially improve google ranking is the main portion we are going to cover.

1. Create Backlinks

Backlinks are the most simple and hardest way to rank higher on google.

increase seo ranking

backlinks linkbuilding

What is backlinks

Backlinks are the links of your post or home page link which is posted on another website which allow do-follow links

There are lot of ways to create backlinks but most of them is not for your page rank score.

1. Linkable post

Focus on writing quality content that people want to link to. That’s the best marketing strategy to build links. And also backlinks are commonly known as link building.


Comment is the easy way to build links. Comment at most famous and popular website with positive achieve and with link post that you want to rank for.

3. Forum questions

Be a part of all forums with same niche of your website. Ask Questions and Answers genuinely with your post links. But do not do any scams on any websites and forums.

4. Broken links

Broken like are the way which you can get contacts feom famous websites. Check for broken links and notify they by emails with related post.

And we also wrote post with the heading How to increase your website traffic google search engine tips read it and increase visitors from google

5. Social media

Share your post on social media like Facebook Twitter whatsapp etc. This will helps you to generate high quality backlinks.

2. Best Keywords

Keywords are most important things to optimise your post and websites. Do keyword research before posting and writing contents.

There are lot of website which offers you keyword researcher services with free and paid options.

I prefer you to use google adword keywordplanner and

And the most famous keyword methode to rank higher on google is use long tail keywords.

1. Longtail keywords

use longtail keywords to rank higher

longtail keywords

Long tail keywords are the keywords with at least 3 words to more. You can find longtail keywords from

Longtail keywords would help you to increase seo ranking.

3. Loading speed

From 2016 google announced that website loading speed is the one of the main factor which affects your page ranking.

Today people are going to very fast. And they also want to learn fast and very quick.

If your website loading speed is very low they click back button and go to another website.This will normally increases your bonusrate.Bonus rate is very harmful to your website seo.

what is bonusrate
Bounce rate is the rate or percentage of visitors who click to your site and click back to get out from your site soon

So try to improve your website loading speed.

You can analyse your loading speed at

4. setup Sitemap

If you have a account at webmaster tools of search engine. Like google webmaster tool (search console) you will get visitors feom search engine but you need to add sitemap.

google bots will firstly analyse your website sitemap and index your url to there index.

If you are using blogger you need to add sitemap manually. But if you are using wordpress you can use google xml plugin and yoast seo plugin. These plugin will automatically add sitemap.

google xml sitemap plugin url

yoast seo sitemap url

These two plugins will helps you to improve website ranking.

5. Yoast seo pack

Yoast is the most famous seo plugin used over 1 million wordpress users. Yoast seo have different functions increase page rank and seo. They shaw you how your post readability status and seo status.

In yoast seo pro version you can add 5 focus keywords for a single post and that will maximise your organic reach.And they provide you an option to edit snippet.

6. Domain name

Search engines like google ranks pages using different factors. Domain s are included on ranking factor. Try to buy domain like .net .org .info .club and .com.

I prefer you to buy doma8n from godaddy.As a bonus tip I will helps you to buy .com domain at 0 cost from godaddy.

I hope you enjoyed small part of seo guide and it will clear your doubt like how to improve website ranking



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