Install nethunter on any android (hacking)


Nethunter the most trusted hacking toll used over the it world and in Android devices. You can hack like a pro using nethunter.

Commonly nethunter is supported on some smartphones like google pixel and oneplus etc.

You can check the full devices list which support nethunter.

I will help you to install kali net hunter for Android

Anshad ta

Nethunter has different types of hacking attacks



Termux is an emulator which helps you to runn Linux and kali Linux commands on android devices with and without root. Using termux you can simply install nethunter on any android devices.

You can download termux from here.

Here is a bonus tip for you, you can install windows on android without root


Kali nethunter installation

1. Update termux

Before installing nethunter on your android device in termux you need to upgrade your termux by typing this command

apt update && apt upgrade -y

2. Get nethunter script

Now you  need to get the nethunter script for termux from github by this command

git clone

3. Open nethunter file

Now you need to open nethunter file (command)

cd Nethunter-In-Termux

cd Nethunter-In-Termux

cd Nethunter-In-Termux

Now your current directory is nethunter file. So just run one more command and install nethunter in termux.

4. Installation

chmod +x kalinethunter

5. Now execute this command


6. Installation over

After all this step just run one more command


All steps are done. If you have any errors in installation fell free to comment.


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