use multiple themes in wordpress [ Full guide]


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Use multiple themes in wordpress

Hello technors (usually we call our readers technors). This post is for wordpress users who want to use multiple or 2 or more themes at once on wordpress (Simply How to use multiple themes on wordpress).

This post is different from other post and i like this topic so much. So lets start to use 2 theme and more at once.

WordPress theme is set of codes which is made for non coders and This set of codes make the website beautiful and add more features to website and post editing sections (short codes and other )

SO my first question is

do you know how to use different themes for different pages for a same website ?

If yes you are a expert. But if no dont worry its not famous trick. So let me start.

There is a plugin which helps you to do this trick.

Use multiple themes in wordpress

jonradio Multiple Themes plugin would helps you to use two or more different themes at same time.

  1. Download and install jonradio Multiple theme plugin
  2. Then got dashboard >> Appearance >> multiple themes plugin

This plugin will show you a pre existing note to how to use multiple themes in wordpress. But it’s very complicated to read this I will give you some simple not to do this from WordPress.

Multiple themes


This is the first step you need to do after installing the multiple theme plugin.

[box type=”info”] After or before installing the plunging you need to install different types of themes which you need to use in your wordpress[/box]


This plugin gives you 3 option to use multiple themes at once. First option is for your homepage.

For homepage theme

First they shows you an option for homepage. So you need to choose the theme which you want to use at your home page.This option will allow you to use any themes on wordpress to your home page without activating the theme.

Homepage theme

Option for homepage

Based on the url

Now the second option is for url. Personally this is my favourite option in the multiple theme plugin. Which you can use themes based on url.

There are three sub options in the url section.

  • Url ( paste url which you want to use a custom theme )
  • Url prefix
  • Url asterisk ( Any pages matching the url will use the theme )

If you wrote a special article for your authors or if you have different type of offers for your visitors then you can use different or custom theme for that page by copying the page url to the first option given in url section.

Url section

Url section

Based on keywords

This option is very tricky. This option will defiantly amaze you. Becuase you can add multiple themes on url based (wt…?)

Yes you can but not only on url based its url and keywords based. If your url have a custom keywords like hello then you can choose theme for that url ( url which contain your keyword )

Multiple theme in wordpress

Url keywords based

Dint worry about seo. This plugin will defiantly helps you to rank higher on google.

Now if you want edit your custom theme used for custom pages then you defiantly want to go Appearance >> themes >>  choose the theme and activate it. Then you can edit that theme using theme customization tool.


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